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This website includes information on dealing with mold. We cover everything from what to do if you suspect you have mold, dealing with the symptoms of mold exposure, finding mold, removing mold, and preventing mold. You should be able to find the information you are looking below:

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Black Mold Pictures

Black Mold Sickness

Finding Mold

Dealing With Mold

Causes of Mold

Flood Damage

Choosing a Remediation Company

Does Insurance Cover Mold?

Homeowners Guide To Mold Remediation Book

Duct Cleaning

Testing for Mold

Mold Stories

If you did not find what you are looking for, try some of the links below.

Government Links

EPA Mold Guide - Guide to dealing with mold and moisture in your home.

CDC - Protect yourself from mold.

NY State Department of Health - General mold information (English and Spanish versions).

Pennsylvania Department of Health - Fungal (Mold) Contamination in Indoor Environments FAQ.

Illinois Department of Health - Common questions and answers about indoor mold.

US Department of Labor (OSHA) - Mold in the workplace.

State of Delaware - Information sheet on mold in your home.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation - Homeowners guide to moisture and mold control.

California Dept of Public Health - Indoor air quality resources and information sheets.

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