Mold Remediation Cost

If you have mold in your home, you may be wondering about the mold remediation cost. Unfortunately, the cost of mold remediation can be quite high. Because of the high cost of mold remediation, some people try to put off dealing with the problem, but it only gets worse – and more expensive – over time. Others try to deal with the problem themselves instead of hiring professionals, which may be all right if you’ve only got a small amount of mold. However, the Environmental Protection Agency encourages homeowners to hire professional mold remediation specialists if mold covers more than ten square feet, despite the mold remediation cost, because it’s just too difficult for those without special training and equipment to do a thorough cleaning job. If mold is not thoroughly removed, it will just grow back, and quickly.

So How Much Does It Cost?

You’re probably getting anxious about the cost of mold remediation now. We can’t tell you exactly what it will cost you because it depends on many variables – the type of mold you have, how much of your home is affected, what parts of your home are affected, if things like drywall and ceiling tiles have to be replaced, and so on.

An uncomplicated mold removal job, one that just involves scrubbing some walls and floors or something like that, may cost only a couple thousand dollars. A more complicated job, such as one that involves cleaning out all the heating ducts in the home, will cost several thousand dollars, at least.

In severe cases, some materials must be removed from the home and replaced. Things like carpet, insulation, ceiling tiles and drywall usually cannot be adequately cleaned because they are porous. They must be removed, and removed carefully, so that mold spores are not spread from those materials to other areas of the home during the removal process. Then they must be replaced. In cases like this, the mold remediation cost can easily reach $10,000 to $25,000 or even higher.

For a free estimate of the cost of mold remediation in your home, just follow this link to get a list of licensed Mold Remediation Specialists in your area. That’s the only way to know what cost you’re really looking at.

The picture below shows mold in a closet. It was caused by a leak from an above apartment.

Mold in closet from leak in above apartment

Paying for It

You should know that homeowners insurance will sometimes cover the cost of mold remediation, so check with your homeowners insurance policy. If you live in an area prone to flooding, your home is probably also prone to the growth of mold, so make sure your insurance policy covers mold remediation cost. If it doesn’t currently, purchase it for the future.

If you’ve recently moved into a new home and weren’t aware of the mold problem before you moved in, the previous owners may be responsible for the mold remediation cost. It may depend on whether or not they were aware that there was a mold problem when they sold you the home.

Contact a couple of different mold remediation specialists to compare prices, but make sure you find out what those fees cover to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Most mold removal specialists will visit your home to inspect the situation for free and give you an estimate of what it will cost for them to do the job.

If you have to come up with the money yourself, it’s well worth it, though. The health risks of extensive mold growth in the home are significant and you simply don’t want to expose yourself or your family to such risks.

We Suggest Scheduling a Free Consultation with a Mold Remediation Specialist

Most mold remediation specialists offer free consultations and we suggest you take advantage of that. A specialist will come to your home, assess the situation, make sure all the mold growing in the home has been located, and advise you about the best techniques for removal mold in your situation at no cost to you. Of course, the specialist will hope you will hire him or her for the task, and after speaking to a professional about all that needs to be done and checking with your insurance company, you may well decide that hiring a professional is the way to go. But you are not obligated to hire a mold removal specialist after the free consultation and you’ll benefit from some professional advice whichever way you decide to go.

Follow this link for a list of qualified mold removal specialists offering free consultations where you live.

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