Landlord hid black mold we found after signing the lease

by Jennifer
(Indiana )

Mold in and on wall under window

Mold in and on wall under window

My fiance and two small children came with me to view a rental property. We saw cosmetic issues with holes in the walls and painting was a must. The previous tenant left a couch which conveniently was covered the mold. We signed the lease and discovered the mold immediately.

I called the landlord to tell him we found a leak that caused mold to eat away holes in the drywall. He said he would fix it. In the meantime I completed the cosmetic holes and painting as well as cleaning top to bottom and pressure washing both porches that were all left filthy by the previous tenant. Time passed and we even used our own money to fix the leak to no avail.

For ten months I begged the landlord to fix the mold problem and informed him that i was diagnosed with asthma. My boys were having nose bleeds and suffered also with asthma while my fiance battled chronic fatigue and coughing/vomiting up blood.. the landlord told me that it was my place to fix it. I told him i'd been patient long enough and that id have to call the health inspector. Within ten minutes of me saying that he had two joe shmoes come over to "nigger rig," his words not mine, knowing my son is biracial. I was home with my small children with no car and they gave me ten minutes to evacuate. I told them not to pull out drywall till my kids were out but they started anyway using all of my material. They merely covered it up before the health inspector could come over.

The same day the health inspector came and ruled the home uninhabitable for human housing the landlord served me an eviction notice. This is a retaliatory illegal eviction for requesting the health inspector. To add insult to injury he is suing us in small claims for rent and trash which we have every receipt for. We have to counterclaim and have nowhere to go. I am desperate to find a new home.

The exposure to airborne mold spores from being present during the "removal" has caused my whole family to suffer memory loss, chest pains irritable bowels, internal lesions (bruising without injury), rashes burning ears eyes and throat and my ankles are more swollen than during pregnancy on top of hair loss. The symptoms go on and on. Its a living hell and we are still stuck in this health hazard with no place to rent. We just get sicker and sicker.

This guy is a total slumlord! Good thing I documented EVERYTHING. Even the stagnated sewage in the backyard he had illegally ran. He denied my family our rights and my fiance enrolled in the military to protect those rights and freedoms even being deployed to Iraq. We remodeled his home and he screwed us over severely! My babies getting sick was the last straw. I'm now in momma bear mode panicking on how to get my babies in a safe home. I wouldn't wish mold or our landlord or my worst enemy...

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Dec 02, 2019
Air samples not conclusive for Post Remediation Verification
by: Connie

Air sampling without a detailed inspection, moisture measurements, and dust samples are of little value. They put money in the pockets of labs and inspectors. However, mold can continue to grow on wet building materials, And mold spores, toxins, and other fungal particles remain unless they are appropriately cleaned.

As surfaces dry, mold colonies produce more mycotoxins and spores as a defense mechanism. Survival of the fittest applies here.

Aug 13, 2019
Uninhabitable vs Condemned
by: Laurel Faulk

I am not sure but I had an elderly neighbor with mold problems in her mobile home. She had a mold inspector run tests and it was deemed uninhabitable. The inspector, I believe, told her with an uninhabitable rating she did not have to leave, but the report clearly states the mold levels were high enough to cause health problems. Had the house been condemned then she would have had to leave. She chose to leave and the mobile home was dismantled and taken away.

Now I have had to sit by and watch another neighbor pass away. She still owed so the mobile home now belongs to the bank. You can read the account I posted on this site, but long story short, the place was a horrific mess because the woman was a hoarder and never cleaned, EVER. One room I saw myself had black mold covering the entire surface and the place reeks of mold. In the past month I have watched the bank send a couple of Joe Schmoes who cleaned out the place of all that was left behind and then in one weekend they repainted the inside and inspection, no safety precautions, the Joe Schmoes didn’t even have the correct masks when inside the home. So they have totally covered up all the mold and the house is going up for sale for 150,000 dollars. I don’t think there is a thing I can do except try to warn anyone looking to buy it but I think the whole thing is beyond morally offensive and should be illegal and you and I both know the god darn bank is going to waltz away with more than the original loan because the place is 20 yrs old already. Crooks, nothing buy crooks, what a dirty rotten thing to do.

I feel your pain and hope you maintain the energy to continue making noise about what you have been through, it is the only way towards making this kind of stuff a crime. I hope you and your family are better.

Jul 06, 2017
by: Anonymous

Hi I was wondering how you are feeling now?

Oct 10, 2013
air quality results
by: author/victim

After relocating I have finally been in contact about air quality results. Although he wouldn't give me levels, he did inform me that there was excessively high amounts of penicillin and aspergillus. I'm still fighting symptoms that I'm afraid are here to stay. Its a sad reality that these toxins are down played by doctors, landlords, and even the EPA. Research and education about the matter needs more urgency and funding. Good luck to all who can relate to my story.

Aug 16, 2013
Mold test positve results
by: Jennifer (author/victim)

Our mold test results indicated an active, thriving colony of Chaetomium globosum which is highly toxic. It produces pathogens and mycotoxins that cause several adverse health affects. In the short time of 35 days my health is compromised more than I could have expected. Each day I get sicker and sicker. Its caused abnormal blood work results of high ESR, high C-reactive protein, low white blood cell count which then went past normal levels to be high white blood cell count. I have high tryglycerides, low protein, and low potassium.

My memory loss is devastating and arthritic pain in my joints makes me feel like I'm 28yrs old with dementia and arthritis. Luckily my children suffer from only allergic rhinitis and rashes. My health is devastated and there are several more symptoms that I'm too tired to list.

Doctors dismiss mold as causing problems. My advice to anyone sick from toxic mold is only mention your symptoms and not even mention mold. Some rashes that look like bruising only got me a diagnosis of being a domestic abuse victim which is absurd! I'm still left with no answers on how to treat all the random symptoms.

We finish picking up our last items tomorrow and have been approached by someone who also witnessed meth labs in the rental. The master bathtub was where most if the meth was made. I now have to inquire about the toxicity that absorbs in walls and carpet from meth lab chemicals to see if they could have caused harm to my children or anyone in the family including our pets. This toxic nightmare is not condemned but is uninhabitable; it can be rented again once landlord satisfies the health inspectors remediation list. Child protective services had test positive meth samples from a wall scrape but the info remains confidential.

New tenants are being sought out at this time for this totally toxic moldy meth lab that looks so harmless to the naked eye. I can't stand the thought of a new family moving in without knowing the homes history. Its a nightmare i'm still unable to awaken from.

Jul 09, 2013
I need help identifying types of mold...any educated guesses?
by: Jennifer (author/victim)

In the first picture you can see black mold on the wall, green and black mold on the window seals, and black and white mold imbedded in the carpet. I have ordered a mold testing kit, but the landlord disposed of the drywall and insulation. There is still mold because it was hidden, not fixed, but my best samples were in the contaminated drywall and insulation and disposed of. I have cut out mold samples from the carpet and the mold smell is still very prominent especially when the AC kicks on. The kit I ordered was a clear tape sample. Does anybody know if i can use the moldy carpet for accurate testing?

With my kids sick, as well as me and my fiance I am desperate to put a name to these molds asap. If anybody can give me an educated guess to what mold is seen in my pictures, I would greatly appreciate your knowledge. All of my research points to Stachybotrys, and I'm really hoping I'm wrong and its something less hazardous to our health. Also if the health inspector deemed our home uninhabitable, then why hasn't he required us to evacuate immediately with the landlord legally responsible for relocation fees? Not that we can find a place yet, but still cant help but question all this mess.

Any info or advice is greatly appreciated, and thanks for reading my story that allows our voices to be heard. Take care, Jennifer

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