Getting Rid of Mold

Determining you have a mold issue is only half the battle. Getting rid of mold safely and effectively is the other half! Because of the toxic nature of certain mold infestations (like black mold), it’s of the utmost importance that house mold removal be performed thoroughly and safely as soon as it’s determined there is a problem. While many people do call in professional mold removal companies to help them in removing the mold, if you are positive that the area the mold has infiltrated is relatively small – 10 isolated feet or less – you may be able to get the problem under control yourself.

Preparing for Safe House Mold Removal

Face Mask For Mold Removal

Always keep in mind that you don’t want to actually wind up spreading the mold, making the problem worse, or accidentally inhaling any of the spores. Before you get ready to clean the affected area, make sure you are wearing a breathing mask to prevent you from inhaling any spores or toxic airborne particles. This is especially important when cleaning dried patches of mold that are more likely to affect the air. You must wear protective gloves at all times as well.

Prudent house mold removal also involves sectioning off the affected area from the rest of your home to prevent dispersion of the infestation. Turn off air conditioners, ceiling fans, or central air systems. Seal off the doorways and other entrances to the affected area using plastic sheeting and heavy duty tape. Then you’re ready to start the cleaning process.

The Right Cleaning Products for Getting Rid of Mold

To make sure you’re getting rid of mold properly, it’s imperative that you invest in a cleaning product that is made especially for cleaning and killing mold (Moldex, for instance). Apply the cleaning product you chose to the affected area according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Then carefully and thoroughly clean up the area using clean, damp rags. On porous surfaces like wood, you can use a metal brush to get to most of the mold, and then encapsulate. Sometimes professionals will sand down wood to get to all of the mold, but sanding can increase your exposure to mold and should only be done by professionals.

If you’re dealing with carpeting, clothing, drywall or furniture where mold has settled and begun to grow, you will probably need to dispose of the item altogether and replace it. The health risks of a mold infestation that spirals out of control are simply too great to risk trying to salvage it.

Following Up Regarding Your House Mold Removal Routine

To prevent future problems with mold due to an environment that is regularly humid, you may want to consider investing in a dehumidifier at some point to keep moisture levels in check. Also, continue to monitor your home for signs of further mold issues so that you can get on top of them before they begin to cause real problems.

Furthermore, you may still want to enlist the advice of a professional mold specialist in your area in order to make sure you’ve truly covered all the bases when it comes to getting rid of mold. This particular organism can cause very serious health consequences and it is easy to miss small (or possibly microscopic) deposits, so it’s important to be as thorough as possible.

Your initial consultation is always free, so you receive a professional assessment and priceless advice that won’t cost you a dime. Should it be determined that you require further house mold removal services that are beyond what you can do yourself, then at least you can rest assured that you did the right thing and caught the problem before it had a chance to damage your home or compromise the health of your loved ones.

Locating a licensed mold removal specialist in your area is very simple. Just fill out our Easy Referral Form and you will instantly be provided with a comprehensive list of the very best licensed mold removal specialists in your area. When it comes to mold, it really does pay to be safe, rather than sorry. The sooner you know for sure that mold is out of your life for good, the sooner you and your family can go back to living instead of worrying.

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