CPAP Device Had Black Mold

by Kirt

CPAP Device With Black Mold

CPAP Device With Black Mold

Late in 2011, I began to use a CPAP device to aid my breathing. When sleeping it was strapped on my face. A few months later I stop using it because I was doing better and put it away. In September 2012 I began to have bazaar health issues; then it hit me strong by end of September, things I have never experienced before.

I began to go to the doctor for the next 9 months. I went to approximately 11 visits all this time. I got worse, a lot worse. You name it I had a test for it! Infusions! Multiple drugs! The list goes on. I got worse and I began to worry. All this time the amount of horrible suffering continued to grow. I knew it, friends knew it, family knew it. They could see my appearance was odd and my reactions strange.

Out of the blue a friend said have you checked your home for mold? I said no, why? He said it can make you sick. I thought it was nice of him to be concerned but in my mind it was not reasonable. Mold could not possibly make feel so horribly bad anyway. I forgot about checking out my home and months later I was getting worse. Far worse by now I was not really existing. For some reason I began to check my house for mold and in 15 minutes I was completely exhausted and did not find any trace of mold. I thought this could not get worse except to die.

I had my doctors appointment, but I did not want to go anymore. I was just too sick and decided whatever was going to happen was going to happen. Then I said I will go one more time and tell my doctor I'm done.

That evening I could barley take a shower. I went into my spare room to get clothes in my closet. I push all the clothes to one end and I looked on the bottom of the closet and saw my CPAP device in its opened black case. I got a light and shined it and saw a heavy concentration of black mold on the case, the device itself and the straps. What little adrenalin I had left rushed in on me. I thought what and how that could be and still did not think that would be the cause my serious problems. Anyway I was told bleach and water would kill it so everything went in sink with bleach and then I put the device outside along with the clothes that were hanging over CPAP. I sprayed the clothes and went to bed. This was the night before my doctors appointment.

I saw the doctor the next day. He shared some more previous test results with me and said nothing significant showed up. This is after several blood tests; the last one was of 5 vials on blood. He talked for a while but didn't know what to say. I thought he probably thinks I am crazy or a hypochondriac or both, or I am making this up, want attention, etc. Just when we were concluding I lightly mention could black mold have anything to do with this problem? I explained the CPAP device and what I found. He actually began paying close attention and listening, staring right at me. When I stopped there was the longest pause and looking right at me he stood up and and said "end of mystery, mold caused this problem"!

He told me what to do which I had already started the day before - clean the mold out - then he gave me a prescription. In less than 18 hours some of my symptoms had completely disappeared. Some of them I have had a least 9 months. In 10 days almost all of my problems had completely vanished. Only 2 problems exist that are very slight and do not really interfere with life. Who knows maybe these will go away.

I still can't believe it. When i go back to my doctor and tell him how I feel now I don't think he will be surprised. I could not read this article let alone write it 3 weeks ago. I am not going to write the symptoms now unless some wants to know. I will say this - if you are having severe odd ongoing and increasing problems and I mean real problems, check for black mold. I don't know if there is a test for mold sickness. If there is have them test for it first! That's what I would do because some of the medications can actually cause mold sickness to increase. Thats what I found out after the fact.

PS: the CPAP device I use; I washed it out every night and put in fresh water for each use but when I stopped using the device I did not dump the water out. Its dark and closed atmosphere caused the mold to grow and pump out mold spores.

In all it was my own fault, not the CPAP device. My spare room was a death trap where I could sleep, study, use the computer, watch tv, listen to radio, etc. My day bed was only 3 feet away from the source of mold. I am so thankful that the problem was found. The simple medication really worked and fast with no side effects; how often does that happen???? Of course removal of the mold was most important....

Unknowingly slow motion torture. Thank you for reading my story.


Editor Notes

For more information on the health effects of black mold, follow this link. Here is information for finding mold in your home. Sometimes mold is hidden and cannot be found. If that is the case you should have your home tested by a professional. They will conduct air tests to determine if any type of mold is present in your home.

For a list of licensed professional mold testers in your area, click on the link.

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Dec 21, 2019
Black mold in cpap
by: andrea

I too have been sick for four weeks with constant coughing up mucous, pain in my tonsils and the roof of my mouth. I found black mold inside where you remove the water chamber. It’s an area that they don’t even mention cleaning but somehow moisture is getting out of the humidifier and causing there to be mold inside that compartment.

I have to go find a doctor now and hopefully get on some medicine that will kill the bacteria in my body. I’m afraid now I will have prolonged respiratory issues if mold spores are in my respiratory system.

Aug 11, 2019
What was the prescription?
by: Jason

What medicine did your doctor prescribe that helped your mold symptoms?

Jul 27, 2019
Cpap illness
by: Cory

I have had pain in my teeth and nasal cavity for a few weeks (since I started using the machine). I was cleaning the machine as directed. Two days ago I had what felt like the flu. I had severe chills and body aches. I stopped using the machine and gave it a thorough cleaning and drying. Will see my doctor in a couple of days. Not sure I will ever use it again. The lady at clinic said clean hose weekly and mask daily. If I ever try it again, I would clean the hose daily, as well, make sure it is thoroughly dry, and wipe the machine with disinfectant daily. Pretty much wrecked my whole month of July.

Jun 03, 2019
Me To
by: J.Rvan der Meer

My CPAP machine has also black mold. It is here in every room of my house.

Mar 23, 2017
Mold in my CPAP...Sick!
by: nono

Jan 16 - diagnosed with strep throat. I was told to get a new toothbrush. Ok. A toothbrush? Heck, my CPAP is full of germs! I changed machines, got a new mask and hose. Almost immediately diagnosed with the flu. Two weeks later, while recovering, I had a cough. Every time I coughed, my head split open in pain. Finally got an antibiotic..less pain, but still congested and coughing. After a month and a half, I found black mold in my CPAP. My symptoms improved within 18 hours of a good vinegar cleaning. My doctor never mentioned my CPAP! I was sick for 2 months straight. It could have been worse. Doctors must pay more attention to CPAP users! Spread the word.

Jan 23, 2017
Severe mouth and teeth pain
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the story. I found mold in mine also after severe mouth and teeth pain for a few days. The roof and gums felt on fire. Every tooth felt like an abscess. I did some research about the connection between CPAP mold and my symptoms so I went to the Dr. I got a fast acting antifungal pill from the Dr and took it a little over 24 hours ago. I think it's working, but I won't know for sure until I stop the pain pills he gave me to temporarily mask (no pun intended) the pain. Were these your symptoms?

Aug 24, 2014
Another CPAP with Black Mold story
by: Marilyn

Dear Kirt
Thank you for your story. I've been feeling under the weather for a long time now, and using a cpap machine. I just discovered black mold in the mask, so just bought a new mask and hose. I have not cleaned the old mask for a long time, a habit which now will change, and didn't notice the mold. What were your symptoms? I have a consistent runny nose, which interferes with daily living, and resultant sores at the end of my nose. Also I have a consistent, stuffy nose. The runny nose is making life difficult as I must deal with it all the time. I have gotten used to feeling awful. Sometimes I think I've got CSF. I have all sorts of things wrong with me. What were your symptoms? Your article has been so helpful, and I am happy for you that you've found relief finally.

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