Black Mold Removal

The treatment plans for black mold removal are somewhat complicated, and they require the use of specific types of equipment and cleaners. If you want to learn how to eliminate black mold by yourself, then there are a few items that you will need before you begin the cleanup process:

  • Plastic Sheets and Duct Tape: The first supplies that are needed for the cleanup process are plastic sheets and duct tape. Use the tape to hang the sheets around any openings to the rest of the home: doorways, air vents, etc. This will seal off the moldy area, preventing the mold spores from moving into other rooms in the home.
  • Protective Gear: This includes a face mask, goggles, gloves and a plastic biohazard suit.
  • Negative Air Machine: During the black mold removal, a negative air machine should be used to filter the air and prevent mold spores from spreading to other areas. Be sure that the machine is high quality and HEPA-filtered in order to prevent cross contamination throughout the rest of the building.
  • Scaffolding: Many people learn how to eliminate black mold, only to find that they have a difficult time reaching all areas that have been affected by the mold. Scaffolding or a high ladder is often needed in order to clean up a mold problem in high areas such as an attic or ceiling.
  • HEPA-Filtered Vacuum: A high quality, HEPA-filtered vacuum should be used for black mold removal. All surfaces affected by the mold should be vacuumed before and after the sanitation process.
  • Wire Brushes: After the area has been vacuumed, you will need to spray porous surfaces like wood with a cleaning agent, and then brush them with wire bushes to get to mold within the materials. You probably won't get it all so the wood needs to be encapsulated. Other porous items like sheetrock and ceiling tiles need to be replaced.
  • Biocide: Using a high quality cleaning agent is one of the most important aspects of learning how to eliminate black mold. Don’t make the mistake of using standard household cleaner or bleach, because it may only result in masking the problem instead of killing the mold. A biocide is a strong agent that will effectively kill the mold spores and prevent them from continuing to grow.
  • Dehumidifier: After the cleanup process is complete, it is a good idea to air out the room with a dehumidifier to get rid of any remaining moisture in the area. The dehumidifier will prevent future mold growth by getting rid of the moisture.
  • Fans: Additionally, fans can be used to air out the area. The fans can be pointed at the damp area to quickly dry things out so that the remodeling process can begin.

Remodeling After Black Mold Removal

Remodeling After Black Mold Removal

After the black mold is completely removed and the area has been dried, it is time to remodel the damaged area. During the mold cleanup process, porous materials such as drywall and insulation should have been removed and discarded. If you have followed the right instructions on how to eliminate black mold, then the area should be ready for new materials.

Do not try to reuse the contaminated materials, because putting the moldy items back in place will only encourage future mold growth. Black mold removal from porous items and fabrics is nearly impossible, and it is better to start fresh.

If you are unsure about the best process of how to eliminate black mold, then you can call a professional to advise you on the treatments that need to be done for your individual situation. Also, a specialist has the needed equipment, so you can save yourself the headache of tracking everything down if you decide to hire them. Mold removal specialists have specialized training on how to deal with all the different issues related to mold, so you know they will get the job done right.

Because mold can cause so many health problems, we always recommend using a professional to deal with mold removal. When it comes to your family’s health, there is no reason to take any chances. You can click on this link to find a professional near you. These professionals all provide free consultations and assessments, so you have nothing to lose by speaking with one.

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