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You may have heard about some of the benefits of home air duct cleaning, with so much in the news these days about health problems caused by poor air quality, black mold and various allergens in the home. You may also be wondering if residential duct cleaning is really necessary and if it’s worth the money. We’ll give you the information you need in order to decide if you should have your ducts cleaned or not.

Benefits of Duct Cleaning

We’ll start by saying that not everyone needs to have their home air ducts cleaned. However, there are some definite benefits to residential duct cleaning in some circumstances.

  • If you can see dust or debris inside your air ducts, that dust and debris is being blown into your home when your heating and cooling system is in operation. You may be able to actually see dust or dirt blowing out of the air vents, but even if you can’t see it, if it’s inside the air ducts, it’s also being blown out. Having dust in the air can contribute to respiratory problems, but of greater concern is the fact that you can’t tell just by looking what exactly it is that you see inside your air ducts. It could be simple dust or household dirt, but it could also be some sort of bacteria, fungus or even black mold, which can lead to significant health problems over time. Having your air ducts cleaned can significantly improve the air quality in your home.
  • If you see any evidence of rodent activity in your air ducts, home air duct cleaning is a must. Signs of rodents in your air ducts include droppings and bits of fur. You may also hear the pitter-patter of little feet inside the ducts, especially at night. Rodents leave droppings everywhere they go and their droppings can contain numerous types of harmful bacteria. Having your ducts cleaned can prevent serious illnesses, including hantavirus (the virus that causes the plague; yes, people still get that sometimes).
  • If you have mold growing in any part of your home, it’s possible that there is also mold growing in your air ducts. You might be able to see visible mold in the air ducts, but mold can grow in areas that are hard to visualize and if the amount of mold is small, it may be difficult to see. We recommend having a professional come and test your air ducts for mold if you have discovered mold growing in other areas of the home. Residential duct cleaning will be needed if mold is found in the air ducts; unchecked, the growth of mold in your air ducts can lead to numerous health problems including asthma, other respiratory disorders, migraines, allergic reactions and chronic fatigue. Home air duct cleaning can prevent or relieve these problems.
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Finding a Residential Duct Cleaning Professional

If you’re interested in home air duct cleaning, it’s important to find a qualified professional. Without the proper training and experience, and also the right equipment for the job, someone could actually make matters worse by spreading mold or bacteria into previously unaffected parts of your ductwork or to other areas of your home.

In some states, residential duct cleaning professionals are required by law to become certified or licensed by the state. In other states, licensure is not required. All duct cleaning professionals should work in accordance with the standards established by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. We recommend asking professionals for references so you can talk to some prior customers to make sure they were satisfied with the services they received.

For a list of residential air duct cleaning professionals in your area, follow this link.

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